Representative Cases

Representative Cases Handled by Pinnola & BomsteinReal Estate Litigation
  • A Quiet Title Story — Mick and Toni need help to correct a deed’s legal description.
  • Ben's Case — Ben is in jeopardy of losing his retirement nest egg, an apartment building, to foreclosure.
  • Joe's Story — A long-time real estate partner is withholding Joe's portion of the proceeds from the sale of properties.
  • Barb's Case — When the relationship sours in their joint home ownership with another family, Barb and her husband face a partition action with complex legal issues.
  • Frank's Case — Real estate developer had breached his fiduciary responsibilities and improperly enriched himself at the Frank’s expense.
  • Art's Case — Art's case was a hard-fought and complicated real estate partnership dispute between brothers.
  • Don's Story - needs help on a questionable deed transferring property.
Business and Civil Litigation
  • Tony and Mark's Case — Tony and Mark were defendants in the automotive supply distribution business. The suit contended there was a violation of typical non-disclosure and non-compete clauses contained in employment agreements.
  • Doug's Case — Doug and Mark were old friends who created a technical services firm that was just starting to take off. Doug did not have a clue that Mark was plotting his ouster behind the scenes.
  • Hal's Case — Hal's business partners have squeezed him out and refused his buyout demands. Two other law firms have been unable to resolve the case. Our involvement produced a higher settlement than Hal had originally sought.
  • Victor's Case — Victor's family-owned business is sued by a competitor alleging unfair trade practices, with complex jurisdiction and intellectual property issues.
  • Judy's Story — Judy is a conservative investor. A stock broker has squandered a substantial portion of her retirement savings by investing in junk bonds.
  • Charlie's Story — Charlie found himself in a dilemma. He had devoted his best efforts to the new business.

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