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Representative Cases

Representative Cases Handled by Pinnola & Bomstein Real Estate Litigation
  • Banks Quiet Title Story - In May, 2018, Al Banks reached out to Pinnola & Bomstein to help him recover title to his family's property from a series of crooks.
  • An Abuse of Power Story - The Township supervisors were incensed that a local developer was seeking to convert a property into condominiums in a rural part of their Township.
  • A Quiet Title Story - Sellers are sued by buyers who fell behind on mortgage payments and it turns out the legal description does not cover the house!
  • Ben's Case - Ben is in jeopardy of losing his retirement nest egg, an apartment building, to foreclosure.
  • Joe's Story - A long-time real estate partner is withholding Joe's portion of the proceeds from the sale of properties.
  • Barb's Case - When the relationship sours in their joint home ownership with another family, Barb and her husband face a partition action with complex legal issues.
  • Frank's Case - Real estate developer had breached his fiduciary responsibilities and improperly enriched himself at the Frank’s expense.
  • Art's Case - Art's case was a hard-fought and complicated real estate partnership dispute between brothers.
  • Don's Story - needs help on a questionable deed transferring property.
  • Mary’s Case - Mary Brown found a row home in South Philadelphia to rent for her expanding family.
  • Danielle’s Story - Danielle married Jonathan. Eventually they were divorced. For some unknown reason, they never reached an agreement regarding disposition of the house.
Business and Civil Litigation
  • Tony and Mark's Case - Tony and Mark were defendants in the automotive supply distribution business. The suit contended there was a violation of typical non-disclosure and non-compete clauses contained in employment agreements.
  • Doug's Case - Doug and Mark were old friends who created a technical services firm that was just starting to take off. Doug did not have a clue that Mark was plotting his ouster behind the scenes.
  • Hal's Case - Hal's business partners have squeezed him out and refused his buyout demands. Two other law firms have been unable to resolve the case. Our involvement produced a higher settlement than Hal had originally sought.
  • Victor's Case - Victor's family-owned business is sued by a competitor alleging unfair trade practices, with complex jurisdiction and intellectual property issues.
  • Judy's Story - Judy is a conservative investor. A stock broker has squandered a substantial portion of her retirement savings by investing in junk bonds.
  • Charlie's Story - Charlie found himself in a dilemma. He had devoted his best efforts to the new business.
  • Mariner East Pipeline Litigation - Mike Bomstein partnered with Clean Air Council in 2015 to mount a large-scale challenge to the project both on statutory and constitutional grounds.

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Client Reviews
"Michael Bomstein has been our family's attorney for more than 20 years. He has always been very accessible for litigation, real estate and contract issues. Mr. Bomstein is knowledgeable, wise and ethical. I recommend him without reservation." - Karen W.
"I appreciated the time you took to speak with me recently. I felt a lot more comfortable after speaking with you and want you to know that it is greatly appreciated." - B.W.
"When my business partner brought suit against me I needed an experienced attorney to help defend me in court. Mike Bomstein worked with me from start to finish and we got a really good result. My practice is now doing well. I strongly recommend Pinnola and Bomstein." - Shimma A.