Business and Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Business and Real Estate Transactions and LitigationExperience for Complex Legal MattersPhiladelphia Business Law and Real Estate Trial Lawyers

Whether you are preparing to buy a house or are involved in a commercial dispute, the right legal advice at the outset can protect your immediate and long-term interests. The law firm of Pinnola & Bomstein provides insightful counsel for complex transactions and aggressive and cost-effective representation in litigation and dispute resolution.

We practice in the Pennsylvania state and federal courts, and help clients in the five-county Philadelphia metropolitan area, southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Contact us today to discuss our qualifications and your legal situation.

Success Stories
  • Doug's Case — Doug and Mark were old friends who created a technical services firm that was just starting to take off. Doug did not have a clue that Mark was plotting his ouster behind the scenes.
  • Joe's Story — Real estate salesmen disagree over proceeds of a transaction.
  • Hal's Case — All Hal wants is a reasonable buyout after partners squeezed him out.
  • Victor's Case — Victor's family business is threatened by a competitor's lawsuit.
  • Charlie's Story — Charlie found himself in a dilemma. He had devoted his best efforts to the new business.
Business and Real Estate Litigation

We represent businesses and partnerships in various industries, including construction companies and real estate partnerships, in initiating or defending lawsuits. Michael Bomstein has provided representation ranging from simple contract disputes to multi-million dollar litigation:

  • Dissolution of complex real estate partnerships
  • Claims of fraud or embezzlement by business partners
  • Internal management disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Failed business transactions
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Partitions, buyouts or liquidation of jointly owned businesses or real estate
  • Construction litigation involving developers, builders, subcontractors and suppliers
  • Consumer fraud lawsuits by homebuyers
  • Residential sale agreement
Complex Transactions

With more than 30 years of experience, Michael Bomstein can readily spot red flags in pending business transactions and real estate deals. His services include:

  • Drafting or review of real estate agreements
  • Drafting complex settlement agreements
  • Preparation and review of other business contracts, commercial leases and agreements
Legal Counsel for Buying or Selling a Home

We also assist homebuyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. The process can be exciting and stressful, and having real estate lawyers who know the local market and the real estate laws of Pennsylvania is necessary in today's market. We know the questions to ask and alert you to any concerns prior to closing the deal.

Residential sales agreements can be complex contracts, and there may be lurking dangers — undisclosed defects, unknown liens against the property or lack of protection if the deal falls through. Michael Bomstein can:

  • Carefully draft or review the purchase agreement
  • Help negotiate the transaction to protect your interest
  • Ensure you get a proper inspection
  • Establish clear title and obtain title insurance
  • Verify mortgage commitments
  • Attend your closing settlement to address any last-minute issues
Trusted Philadelphia Attorney

We aim for cost-effective solutions that also protect clients from ongoing exposure. Mr. Bomstein can analyze your situation and help you gauge whether it is preferable to work out a settlement or whether you are better served by proceeding to trial.

Call 215-592-8383 to discuss upcoming business deals or ongoing disputes. Mr. Bomstein will personally meet with you at our Philadelphia office.