Business and Commercial Litigation

Business and Commercial LitigationSolutions for Complex Business Disputes
Pinnola & Bomstein offers cost-effective, creative and sensible solutions to a wide spectrum of clients in business and commercial litigation. We handle matters ranging from simple contract disputes to complicated fallings-out among business partners. Whether you are bringing a suit or being sued, we do our homework to understand the problem, narrow the focus, move the process along and protect our client's interests.

Complex legal issues require competent and knowledgeable business law attorneys. Pinnola & Bomstein has represented hundreds of businesses, partnerships and individuals in the five-county Philadelphia metropolitan area, including the representation of clients of New Jersey and neighboring states with litigation interests in the greater Philadelphia area. We practice in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania.

Contact us today for capable representation in any of the following:

  • Breach of contract (vendors, customers, business-to-business)
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Stockbroker misconduct (churning, unsuitable investments)
  • Partnership disputes
  • Business dissolution
  • Fraud and unfair competition
  • Construction disputes among builders, subcontractors and homeowners
  • Non-compete agreements/restrictive covenants
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Other complex matters
Significant Experience in Partnership Disputes And Real Estate Partnership Litigation

Trial lawyer Michael Bomstein has extensive experience in resolving partnership disputes, particularly disagreements among partners and investors in real estate development. He has represented limited partners who were defrauded by a developer or managing partner. He has resolved internal disputes over division of profits or properties, sometimes arising from poorly structured real estate partnership agreements. He also is called upon to assert clients' rights in disputes stemming from highly complex business and real estate transactions. Mr. Bomstein uses forensic investigators and his own contract law acumen to sort out the taxes, assets and liabilities, and direct the parties toward a reasonable solution.

Efficient, Cost-Conscious and Results-Oriented

In all business disputes, we strive to give our clients an honest, up-front assessment of the probable costs and likely outcomes of various options. Although Mr. Bomstein is an experienced litigator, he views full-fledged litigation as a costly last resort. In most cases, we believe there is a better solution waiting to be brokered by the right attorney.

Please view the following case histories and read what our clients say about Pinnola & Bomstein.

  • Ben's Case — Ben stands to lose everything he has worked for in the last 30 years if the bank forecloses on his apartment building.
  • Joe's Story — Joe's real estate partner is refusing to share proceeds of the sale of properties.
  • Judy's Story — On the advice of her stock broker, Judy has traded in conservative investments for ultimately worthless junk bonds.
  • Victor's Case — Victor is shocked when a competitor sues his family-owned business alleging unfair business practices.
  • Hal's Case — After two years and spending $150,000 on two other law firms, Hal is no closer to resolving a buyout with his former business partners.
  • Charlie's Story — Charlie found himself in a dilemma. He had devoted his best efforts to the new business.

If your business is in an uncomfortable legal situation, get the experienced, responsive counsel of a business litigation attorney at the law firm of Pinnola & Bomstein. Arrange a consultation at our law offices in Philadelphia.